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MK LAW is recognized as one of Australia’s leading criminal law firms. The director, Michael Kuzilny, has been working in the criminal justice system since 1986, that's more than 30 years of expertise and contacts in the criminal justice system. We don’t just know the law; we know the system!

We can make a massive difference to your court proceedings. With more than 300 five star client reviews we are dedicated to providing each client with the highest calibre of legal representation available, at the lowest possible price.

At MK LAW we will help you get through the tough times, and give you peace of mind. You deserve to have a happy, stress-free and successful life!

We will treat you like a friend, not just another number! You can call 24/7 for free confidential advice in relation to your upcoming court case.  We are experts in dealing with all criminal law and traffic charges, drink drive matters, interlocks, driver suspension, hoon legislation, successfully defending vehicle impoundment & forfeiture applications, dangerous driving, domestic violence allegations, assaults, drug charges, allegations of sexual assault and all other police or Commonwealth law offences! Whatever the legal challenge, we will fix it!

At MK LAW we are a winning, caring and powerful team. With our head office in Collins Street Melbourne; we can meet in the city, or any suburb you choose. We can even do after hours home visits; or swing by your work to give you some free advice and peruse your brief of evidence free of charge! We are very flexible, and you or your loved one always come first. We also have premium legal offices all over Australia and can attend any court!

Rest assured the first interview is always free. No gimmicks here. The first interview will last no more than 30 minutes.  It is then entirely up to you how or if you wish to proceed. No pressure; all we want to do is help you get through this legal challenge!

Legal Cost: Not many lawyers discuss this. Here’s the good news! There is one flat legal fee; no hidden extras. We will work out the lowest legal fee for the legal work involved in your case, and inform you immediately after the free interview. You decide! We offer first class legal representation at a very reasonable price!

Our representation could make a massive difference between critical factors such as keeping a clean record, avoiding prison or avoiding/minimizing loss of licence!

At MK LAW we have a proven success record with tens of thousands of outstanding results. Feel free to check what other clients say. We will vigorously fight for your legal rights and get you the best outcome possible. Feel free to call Michael Kuzilny 24/7 on 0415 557 011 or 1800 130 120 to get the ball rolling.

Stay safe and happy ! Please don’t delay your case any further; call now!

Best wishes from Michael Kuzilny.

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Don't take any chances with your freedom and your reputation. Keep Your Record Clean. Avoid Jail! Minimize license loss!

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A criminal record, jail time or extensive license cancellation can ruin your life ! MK LAW will protect your rights !


More than 30 years experience in Criminal & Traffic Law; and a market leader in the Australian Courts.

We're Flexible

Can't come to us? Our team can come to you to discuss your situation.

Legal Costs

We don’t charge like wounded bulls. We’ll work out the cheapest legal overheads, and charge you one flat fee!

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You can call 24 hours, 365 days a year, for completely FREE advice and case analysis on any upcoming Court case!

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As every day passes, your criminal case moves further forward. Contact us NOW so we can do some damage control !

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Check out our exceptional outcomes on Google and Facebook and see why people choose MK Law for their representation. From basic Traffic matters to indictable Criminal matters, we have you covered in all your Court needs in the justice system.

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Michael is a very kind man. He is so professional as a lawyer and has an extensive knowledge of how the law system works in Australia. I was blessed to have him help me with some trouble that came my way unexpectedly. He went above and beyond his duty to make sure I had the best outcome possible in my court case. Thanks MK Law.

Paulie C

The great MK; he will get you the right outcome ! Michael Kuzilny was referred to me as one of the best criminal lawyers in Melbourne. Went through a low period and police charged me with 6 criminal matters; drugs and driving offences. They found me in possession with a cocktail of recreational drugs and I was fearing the court case. I was remarkably impressed with MK”s court performance yesterday at Melbourne magistrates court. (23/5/18). Tough magistrate but Michael was even tougher. Result ? No conviction/ no licence loss. It’s exactly what I needed to move ahead in life. I am thankful to the team at mklaw and highly recommend them.

Bruno P

I have one word for him – GENIUS! It’s so important to get the right lawyer who really cares and looks after you! I got involved with the wrong people and found myself charged with some very serious fraud charges. We went to Werribee court 28/5/18. The police wanted to drag me down and said 12 months prison. Michael represented me to a 7 star standard and got me a fine without conviction! No restitution order and no forensic sample. All cleaned up by the great MK. 10/10.

Dhaval Chaudhari

Despite the circumstances I put myself in while being in Australia… Michael not only gave me a sense of assurance in the matter but offered an unchallenged friendship. He’s really good at what he does and I would recommend him to literally anyone; the years of experience under his belt really make themselves evident when he talks and most importantly he treats his clients with dignity. 11/10 Top man. Thanks for turning it into a fun experience Michael!